Corona patients in Lahore increased to 396

Corona patients in Lahore increased to 396

According to the latest report of Primary and Secondary Healthcare, the number of coronary patients has increased to 2410 in the province while the certified virus virus in Lahore has risen to 396, 138 Corona-positive Mayo Hospital, 69 Expo Hospital, 21 PKLI, 5 Children, 3 Children and 7 Services. The hospital is under treatment.

 31 thousand 535 corona tests were done in Punjab, out of which 2410 were diagnosed with the virus, 39 people went home in 24 hours, 701 visitors to centers, 733 coronary corps confirmed corona, 80 prisoners. , 822 civilians suffer from corona.

 In Sikandaria Colony of Samanabad, 10 more sample positives have been received, the number of certified patients has increased to 20, Alexandria Colony has been sealed by AC City Tabriz Murree. Police personnel have been deployed on internal and external routes, even in Mykharpura. The entire area was sealed when Corona's suspected patient was reported, while police were deployed on both internal and external routes.

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