The first person in Lahore to be infected with the Corona virus become healty

Two younger children succumbed to the virus.  The first to beat Lahore is Salman.  Mayo Hospital's 8 and Children's Hospital's two young children were discharged from the hospital after a negative test.

 The 15-month-old girl and 10-year-old boy were treated at the Isolation Ward of Children's Hospital, Lahore.  Both children were kept in the isolation ward for more than ten days.  Repeat the Corona test for both children who came to negative.

 On the other hand, the number of certified Corona virus patients has increased to 2,333 in the province. There are 373 certified patients in Lahore.  The number of certified patients is 130 at Mayo Hospital, 21 in PKLI, 2 in LGH in children, 7 in services, 3 in Jinnah and 78 at the Expo Center Hospital.  The death toll in the city rose to 19 in 10 provinces.

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