The IMF will provide emergency funds to 25 countries today

Washington: The World Financial Organization (IMF) will provide emergency funds to 25 countries today.

 According to a foreign news agency, the IMF's Executive Board has approved funding and these funds are being provided to the Member States to avoid bankruptcy.

 The IMF list includes several African countries, including Nepal, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Yemen.

 It should be noted that the Corona virus has engulfed the world, affecting the economies of the economy.

 At present, more than one million 19,000 people have died due to Corona worldwide, while more than 19 lakh 25 thousand people are among the victims.

 The Corona virus is causing rapid unemployment worldwide, including the United States.

 Corona killings continue in the United States, and more than fifteen people have died from the deadly virus.  The total death toll from Corona in the United States has risen to 23,600.

 The deadly virus in Italy has claimed five hundred and sixty-five deaths and the death toll has risen to 20,000, with more than 595,000 affected.

 Spain has a further five hundred and forty-seven casualties, and the total number has risen to 17,500.  More than 70,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus

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